"CARma" Fall 2018. 10 hours a week/12 weeks per year

Selected  for: Wimberly Film Festival (won People's Choice Award), New Mexico Rt 66 Film Fest, Oklahoma University High School Film Festival, Central Film Fest, First-Time Filmmaker sessions,  and BAM! Festival.

Directed and handled publicity for a 5-minute award-winning film about a chance encounter after a car breaks down, Led and inspired cast and crew from IB Film Class, ensured that film was well-edited and timely submitted to film festivals


“Virtual Life” April 2020. 10 hours per week, 1 week per year.

Selected for the All American High School Film Awards (2020), Quarantini Monthly Film Festival, Austin Youth Film Festival (received an Honorable Mention), OUTstream Film Fest, Dumbo Film Festival, The Curbside Short Film Challenge, Ramsgate International Film & Television Festival, and Streangelove Time Based MediaFestival.\

Outside of class with no adult supervision, created, wrote, cast, storyboarded, filmed, directed, and edited 2.5-minute narrative about graduating during the pandemic. Collaborated on the music with a teen musician 


"Coronacation: In Five Stages" July 2020. 10 hours a week/3 weeks per year.

Created for UTAustin's Moody College x ORANGE Magazine summer zine: https://issuu.com/orange-magazine/docs/movingfoward_final. Selected to be one of ten students featured out of the entire university 


"What is Love?" Feb/Mar 2021

Created for UTAustin's student-run ORANGE Magazine 

"Perspective" March 2020. 8 hours per week/1 week per year.

Compiled footage from a family vacation to Iceland in order to spread a strong message about environmental awareness, Collaborated with another filmmaker by using his footage of climate protests, Wrote and performed voice over


"Where I Dream" November 2020. 

Created for ORANGE Magazine's DREAMER Fall Zine. 

"Tested" January 2020. 10 hours per week/6 weeks per year.

Selected for: BAM! Festival and Lift-Off Sessions.

Short 2 minute film examining the stress of testing through narrative, Wrote four versions of the script, Communicated between actors and locations and crew, Worked closely with sound designer in post-production, editor and writer.


"Ex-Box" Spring 2019. 8 hours per week, 8 weeks per year.

Selected for: BAM! Festival, and First-Time Filmmaker Sessions.

Wrote script for 7.5-minute film about a boy who relies on and takes advantage of his ex-girlfriends to get him through life. Script supervisor on-set. Writer and Producer.


"We Are The Harters" November 2019. 10 hours per week/8 weeks per year.

Selected for: BAM! Festival,  and The Lift-Off Sessions.

Directed and handled communication between the subject of the documentary and the crew, Did research and oversaw production and post production, Met with the subjects multiple times after production to make sure they understood the process, Seven minute Documentary about the adoption of two Burundi kids into Austin, Texas. Director and Editor.


"On the Brink" December 2018. 7 hours a week/2 week per year.

Selected for: Music Shorts Film Festival, Environmental Short Film Festival, and First-Time Filmmaker Sessions.

Outside of class with no adult supervision, created, wrote, cast, storyboarded, filmed, directed, and edited 2.5-minute music video/environmental PSA, Found and incorporated original music by another studentand unique shooting locations. Director, Editor, Co-writer, cinematographer.


"To Judge a Fish" September/October 2018. 5 hours per week/5 weeks per year.

Grand Prize Winner of Beto O'Rourke's Reel in the Votes competition under 18 category judged by Richard Linklater, Robert Rodriguez, Cathleen Sutherland, and Ethan Hawke.

Outside of class with no adult supervision, co-created, co-directed, interviewed and edited the winning 2.5-minute video about the critical needs of high school educators for competition sponsored by the Beto O’Rourke Senate Campaign. Co-creator and editor.


DERAILED: The Full Series
Over summer 2018 (age 16) with no adult supervision, wrote, cast, storyboarded, filmed, directed, and edited a 16-episode web series [20 minutes total] which followed two teens dealing with a friend’s suicide by investigating it as a murder 
Auditioned and organized a cast of 20 volunteer actors plus dozens of extras
Scouted and selected ten different shooting locations including a funeral scene
Followed all the way through on the project and launched web series on Instagram on September 1, 2018; series was followed by hundreds of people and trailer has over 1200 views
Writer, Director, Scout, Cinematographer, Editor, Craft Services. 30 hours per week/12 weeks per year.

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